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This website is no longer updated. However, books and historical data contained on this site may be useful for research purposes.

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Oil and gas data

Online and downloadable information for the Appalachian Basin

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Research Reports


Appalachian NGLs Storage Hub Study

This study lays the groundwork for a regional Appalachian storage and trading hub for natural gas liquids, which is a key piece in bringing investment opportunities to West Virginia.

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Utica Play Book

Results of the study provide evidence the Utica play is larger than original estimates and its size and potential recoverable resources are comparable to the Marcellus, the largest shale oil and gas play in the U.S. and the second largest in the world.

Download Free Utica Play Book Here 

Trenton-Black River Play Book

This play book is the result of a three-year, industry and government funded study. The study served as the foundation for the Utica-Point Pleasant report. The research team examined all units from the base of the Black River to the base of the Utica, an interval that included the Point Pleasant Formation.

 Download Free TBR  Play Book Here